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The Work Shackle

Made with


[Physical Computing Project]

Physical Computing Assignment #1

at Goldsmiths University of London

2022 - 2023

The Work Shackle is a tool/experience for use in work situations. Functionally, it is an
interactive tool aimed at increasing productivity at work, so different levels of
concentration are the key focal point of the experience in this project. Four work modes
can be switched by either putting the bracelet on and off or interacting with the rotary
button, changing between the Lock-up Mode, Focus Mode, Relax Mode, and Music
Mode, from high to low levels of concentration on work.

The initial inspiration for this project came from working more practically and efficiently,
for example, to stop people from interrupting work, so the experience is designed
around the work desk. With this idea in mind, I also aimed to explore the active-passive
relationship between people and work through this little work.

During the making process. I’ve experienced different hardware, including different
types of buttons, switches, LEDs, vibration motors, audio modules, power sources, etc.
Also, on the software side, I have tried different reference codes and libraries to
achieve my goal. Some of them are super huge or slow to run or clash with other
functions I’d like to achieve. To make everything work as I wanted for a while to test

Developmen Artwork
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