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L-system Tree

Made With


[Programming Project]

Math Assignment #1

at Goldsmiths University of London

2022 - 2023

This project was written in Unity by C to display the editable L-system procedural
generation. Regarding the L-system application, this project contains the required
six rules and three additional 3D rules. The generator mainly generates fractals,
plants and trees. When generating trees, there is a function that users can divide
trees into branches and leaves, which are both drawing lines using the line renderer
function in Unity. In terms of customizability, the project implements adjustable
L-system parameters as well as random numbers and colours, allowing the user
to customise the growth direction, leaf shape or curve and so on. In addition,
this generator includes an editor script which enables to adjust of the appropriate
parameter values in the Unity editor and then generates any shape directly in the
Unity scene with one click without running the application, serving as a simple
editor tool for the game developer’s procedural generation.

Developmen Artwork
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