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Modular VR Tracker

Made With Platformio


[Physical Computing Project]

Physical Computing Assignment #2

at Goldsmiths University of London

2022 - 2023

The DIY Modular VR tracker is a small and lightweight device designed to track movement in virtual reality (VR) environments. It is based on the SlimeVR open-source project and utilizes a 9-axis sensor and Wi-Fi to transmit information, making it a cost-effective alternative to optical tracking methods. My goal is to develop a modular VR tracker system using this as a core module that can switch optional components. The tracker can be placed inside clothing or attached to objects, providing greater flexibility for the user. Additionally, it can serve as an alternative motion capture solution, providing a cheaper and more convenient option for full-body motion capture.

My inspiration for this project was drawn not only from the SlimeVR project, but also from
other modular hardware devices, such as the Nintendo Switch and customizable keyboards and sound controllers. The magnetic module design was inspired by the ease of changing a gun's magazine or a swappable battery pack. I aimed to create a more accessible and versatile VR tracking solution with multiple functions, including gaming or mocap. Existing VR tracker solutions like Vive trackers and motion capture suit tracking solutions also provided valuable inspiration. Additionally, I referred to a variety of technical resources, including forums, tutorials, and documentation for the components used in the device.

Developmen Artwork
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