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[Programming Project]

Programming for Game Engines (2021-22) #1

at Goldsmiths University of London

2021 - 2022

This project attempts to design and simulate an immersive firefly sky experience. Users can interact with glowing fireflies in a virtual or mixed reality dark environment using a VR headset or 3D cave projection device. The experience allows the participant to interact with fireflies in a virtual or mixed reality environment through a VR headset or 3D cave projection with a trackable device. With hundreds of fireflies dancing in front of the audience, the glowing light looks like twinkling stars in the sky, adding a warm and romantic touch to the virtual world and fun to the user's experience.
The Firefly River Valley experience inspired this project as a child. Fireflies are a few insects that evoke poetry and beauty in the ancients and hopefully deliver a natural, relaxing environment. They prefer a natural environment with lush vegetation, clean water and fresh air. They will disappear without a trace once their habitat is destroyed. These lovely little creatures have drifted away from us in the real world in recent years, becoming increasingly rare in some areas and even extinct in many cities for many years. Furthermore, that is the reason to make a virtual firefly simulator to mimic fireflies on real-life fluttering and glowing at night in UE4.
The primary implementation in this demo is the movement simulation of the firefly interacting with the VR headset and controller.

This is the Project Demo and an extend version is ongoing and coming soon ; )

Developmen Artwork
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