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[Programming Project]

Introduction to Programming Assignment#1

at Goldsmiths University of London

2021 - 2022

This is game is based on a 'stable' topic (also a programming assignment work , I tried my best, but it is far from perfect). 

I try to meet stable/unstable with wood joint work which is called Mortise and Tenon in China. With rigidbody, these wood puzzles and pavilion (London China Town was something similar) can be simulated by physics. What surprised me is the wood structures are really stable! I show some tricks about the woodwork, maybe someone will have same hobby like me,  who will be interested in wood structure or wood joints too. 

The journey is planned 3 parts base on the stable topic and woodwork process:

#1 cutting wood and collecting the puzzle wood parts

#2 [Stable] going to puzzles, where you can try to disassemble puzzles (I really want to redo this part for a better wood structure understanding). 

#3 [Unstable] The pavilion is just for play to fix and group the wood parts of it together.

External models and textures in this Unity project. are banned. All models are grouped by unity basic shapes like cubes, some difficult parts (eg. triangle) I used pro builder. There is no texture at all, but a shader for the wireframe effect (windows built which I uploaded works, but can not show wireframe though). I didn't expect this project could be looking good, but the visual part gives me a wood feeling which I am super happy with. Done with postprocessing, and the effect of this function surprise me! 

I'm too happy to stop doing this project which result in some logical issues and bugs in this limited assignment work time.  I tried to debug as much as I can. Also, I'm trying to put my effort to study Unity programming by doing this project. So, there are behind functions that may be very useless for some simple functions, but it can help me to understand more about Unity.

Happy Play ; )

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