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Quid Queen's Quest

The wonderland outside her kingdom

This is an augmented reality (AR) interactive short play that revolves around the adventures of Quid Queen, a personified coin.

This story is adapted bythe developers' real journeyas they ventured into AR industry,driven by their insatiable curiousitythe desire to gaze up at the skyand challenge their lives

The project consists of three chapters, each designed to showcase her journey of exploration and self-discovery. User will be the ‘outsider’ who can help the Quid Queen to step out of her kingdom and experience her journey together.


The Journey

The interaction of these three chapters is also generated layer by layer, from the plane within the screen to 3D to AR real virtual interaction, echoing the story. We also have hidden eggs in the story, if you can find them.

Chapter 03

Current Stage of life from 30 +

"Hello World" 

- Quid Queen transcends dimensions and enters the realm of the real world. This act represents the developers' real journey from the media industry into the AR industry, driven by their insatiable curiosity and the desire to challenge themselves. Quid Queen's arrival in the real world signifies the culmination of their efforts and the realization of their dreams.

Chapter 01

First Stage of life from birth to 18 years old

"My Small Kingdom"

- Filled with curiosity, Quid Queen attempts to venture beyond the confines of her "Coin Shield" and explore the grayscale realm outside her castle. This act represents her initial step into the unknown, leaving behind the familiar and embarking on a quest to understand her own kingdom.

Chapter 02

Second Stage of life from 18 to 30 years old

"The Wonderland"

- In her small kingdom, Quid Queen discovers a magical gateway that entices her with the desire to explore further. With an insatiable curiosity, she steps through the ‘illusion portal’ and finds herself immersed in a vibrant and colourful world.

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