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[Programming Project]

Introduction to Programming Assignment #2

at Goldsmiths University of London

2021 - 2022

Find and Lost Topic Programming Assignment
Colour lost so you have a black and white world at the beginning, you should find the clue to get the colours back.

The storyline is related to my girlfriend as we both like puzzle games, so the word carried in the puzzle is a mystery gift for her too (If you like challenges, do not watch the PlayThrough Video, as it will lose the fun of the puzzle game)

Can you find all the lost pieces and reveal the Final dual encrypt message (will be only in the Hard mode)

Enjoy the play!


I included several pages from Simon Singh's The Code Book in this game as a crypting hint. The book is a birthday gift from my girlfriend, so it is quite meaningful for me. And the most important, The Code Book is the original inspiration of this game. It is a very interesting book about cryptography, have a look if you're interested in it as well!!

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