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Enchanting Fables

Made With


[Virtual Reality Project - Group Work]

  Responsible for: Interactive functions with Unity 

Introduction to Virtual Reality Assignment#1

at Goldsmiths University of London

2020 - 2021

The theme of this project is the VR adaptation of folktales. This is a story of a magic brush from the traditional Chinese story of "Magic Brush Ma Liang". After experiencing the magic brush drawing in VR you can transform from 2d drawing to 3d real objects as the main interaction. We implement the first part of this story. You can listen to the story here, we use some elements in this YouTube video too.

Platform: Oculus Rift & Quest


Sound Effect and Music: ​

Free sound effects from 

YouTube legal free music ​ ​ ​


[English Story] The Magic Paintbrush | English Folktales | Story For Kids​ 

3D Assets:

Unity Assets store, Turbosquid, Sketchfab, Open3dmodel​ ​

Font: Brush 455 BT ​ ​

Plugin: Final IK​ ​ 

Approach for Development 



  1. Story adaptation​

  2. Narration design​

  3. Screen play for VR​

  4. Storyboarding in 360​

  5. Dialogue and voice overs​

  6. Right kind of prototype characters

  1. Leveraging the XR interaction tool kit features​

  2. Achieving a balance between immersion and information​

  3. UX design with error handling ​

  4. Homogenous UI and Navigational aids ​

  5. Appropriate locomotion choices based on child usage​

  6. Designing shorter and crisp experiences to avoid  Simulator Sickness​

  7. Create a mechanism to creative pause an experience to counter Simulator Sickness instead of reducing FOV​

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